Montana is known for the awe-inspiring glaciers in its high mountain ranges. And of course, Glacier National Park, in the northwest part of the state.The fresh cool flavor of my Glacier Dill Dip Mix is the perfect complement to veggie sticks and chips of any kind. Try it as a condiment on a burger!


This 1.75 ounce packet will make up to 8 - 10 cups of delicious dill dip!

Glacier Dill Dip Mix

  • How Do I Use It?

    Just mix in 1 rounded tablespoon of my Glacier Dill Dip Mix per cup of sour cream or plain yogurt (I use light sour cream or light  regular or Greek yogurt).
    Pop into the fridge fo a half hour to let the flavors develop.

    This dip mix is MILD, with no heat in it.