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Montana is called "Big Sky Country" for very good reasons. Our famous wide open spaces make plenty of room for huge, brilliant blue skies, as well as awesome and beautiful cloud formations.


My newest addition, Big Sky Thai Seasoning, will give you awesome, brilliant flavor of Thailand - with the perfect amount of Montana woven through it.


The sweetness of ginger, coconut and coriander harmonize perfectly with savory cumin and sea salt to deliver you a delightful, slightly exotic flavor experience!


Check my Recipes on the menu at the top of the page for easy and delicious  Big Sky Thai  recipes.


My convenient 2 ounce stand-up, resealable bags are perfect for both the Foodie and the home cook. My Medium Spicy version is also available in 4 ounce, 8 ounce and 1 pound bulk sizes.

Big Sky Thai Seasoning