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The Bridger Mountains, near Bozeman Montana, are the go-to range for backpacking, camping, hunting, world class trout fishing, winter sports - all things outdoors!


A another "must-experience" is the deep, smokey deliciousness of my Bridger Range Applewood Smoked Sea Salt. It is very similar in taste to my Hickory Smoked Sea Salt; the Hickory is slightly "sweeter" tasting, while the Applewood is just a tad more subtle and less sweet", like a fine dry wine. Totally supurb!

Applewood Smoked Sea Salt

  • How do you use Smoked Sea Salt?

    You can sprinkle it on meats, fish, 'taters, and vegatables - even popcorn. Any way you want to cook them.

    You'd be amazed how they add so much flavor to ordinary string beans!

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