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In Montana, there is a great college rivalry between the University of Montana's Grizzlies and the Montana State University's Bobcats. So, to honor both great colleges, I named my brand new creation, Bobcat Beef & Roast Seasoning," to be a robust counterpart to my already wildly popular Grizzly Espresso Steak Rub.


Blending the richness and deep flavor of espresso coffee with the lighter tang of turmeric and other delectable spices, I created a seasoning with a scrumptious over-the-top taste and aroma. Perfect for beef, elk, and venison roasts and even roasted chicken!


My convenient 2 ounce stand-up, resealable bags are perfect for both the Foodie and the home cook. The MILD version is also available in 4 ounce, 8 ounce and 1 pound bulk sizes.


What's in it?

 Smoked Sea Salt, Espresso Coffee, GarlicPowder, Chili Powder (Ancho, Pasilla, Guajillo powder),Turmeric, Onion Powder, Turbinado Sugar, Paprika, Black Pepper, Oregano

Bobcat Beef & Roast Seasoning

  • Hot Hot Is It?

    Everyone’s tastes and tolerances are different, so my products come in three varieties: 

    • Mild, with NO Cayenne or Chiplote pepper. There might be a small amount of heat from the other ingredients (chili powder, etc), but it is quite mild and acceptable to all but the most sensitive folks.
    • Medium Spicy, with enough Cayenne and Chiplote to give the flavor some zing, but really should not have your running for the fire hose.
    • HOT!! At least twice as much Cayenne and Chipotle as my Medium Spicy varieties. Expect this burst of heat to set your tongue on fire. Recommended for true heat lovers!

    The Default for Bobcat beef & Roast Seasoning is MILD but you are welcome to order it Spicy or HOT! according to your taste buds.

  • How Do I Use It?

    Coat meat with approx. 1 rounded tablespoon of Bobcat Beef & Roast seasoning per pound of meat before cooking. Braise, roast or
    use in slow cooker, etc until meat is tender

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